MiM, or Master in Management, is a perfect alternative to an MBA especially for students with less work experience.  It’s a post-graduate degree in management that, the duration of which can be either 1 or 2 years. This depends on the country and university you choose.

The MiM curriculum revolves around a three essential components:

Core Subject Knowledge

The initial phase of MiM programs delves into the heart of management education, cultivating proficiency in fundamental subjects. Whether it’s Financial Accounting, Economics, Business Strategy, or Marketing Management, you’ll amass a toolkit of management principles to underpin your journey.

Work Experience

The MiM journey is more than academic rigor; it’s an immersive experience that integrates internships. These hands-on encounters offer you the chance to translate theory into practice, bridging the gap between management concepts and real-world scenarios.

MiM Specialization

As you progress, the path of specialization unfolds. Be it finance, data analytics, entrepreneurship, marketing, HR, or law, the MiM curriculum empowers you to sculpt your education according to your career aspirations.

Is MiM the right course for you?


  • If you’re envisioning a transition into management-related domains.
  • If your work experience lies between 0 and 2 years.
  • If you’re ready to embark on an international journey right after completing your bachelor’s degree.
  • If you want to pursue a double specialization or double degree.
  • If fields like finance, marketing, consulting, strategy, or analytics interest you.
  • If you’re looking for an affordable study abroad option at a Top University.


If you meet any of the following criteria, a specialized master's program might be suitable for you:

  • If your work experience surpasses the 3-year mark.
  • If your path is defined (e.g., finance, marketing) and demands a specialized master’s program.
  • If you find yourself above the age of 26.

What are the typical jobs after MiM?

Your MiM voyage culminates in a world of career possibilities. Graduates with under 2 years of work experience often secure entry-level roles at renowned firms. Expect opportunities in:

Salaries and locations for these roles vary, promising a compelling starting point for your career trajectory. To get a detailed insight into the potential salaries after completing your MiM, check out our dedicated guide on Salary after MiM.


  • Accelerated Career Path: MiM programs are the expressway to your corporate aspirations, catapulting you into the professional realm right after graduation.
  • Versatile Skill Set: The curriculum equips you with an array of skills, fostering adaptability across diverse management domains.
  • Networking: With an international student cohort, MiM programs create an unparalleled network that propels your prospects.
  • Flexibility: This course helps you figure out your career path as most MiM programs offer plenty electives.


  • Niche Specialization: MiM’s broad scope might not be beneficial to someone willing to gain in-depth specialization in a specific field.
  • Less Experience: Since MiM programs require less experience, it might be difficult to find entry level jobs right after graduation in foreign countries.
  • Language Barrier: Since MiM is more of a European concept, language can be a huge barrier which might reduce job prospects.
  • Flexibility: This course helps you figure out your career path as most MiM programs offer plenty electives.

Top MiM Programs of the World

S. No.UniversityLocation
1University of St GallenSwitzerland
2HEC ParisFrance
3Rotterdam School of Management Erasmus UniversityNetherlands
4Stockholm School of EconomicsSweden
5ESCP Business SchoolFrance
6Essec Business SchoolFrance
7London Business SchoolUK
8University College Dublin: SmurfitIreland
9Kellogg Business schoolUSA

ESMT Berlin



How Much Does It Cost to Study MiM?

The cost of MiM programs varies, depending on location, program duration, and prestige.

Average Cost of MiM is 35 lakhs in Europe and 50 lakhs in the US for the entire program. For those mindful of budget while aspiring for quality, List of Affordable MiM Programs is a specially curated list of the world’s best MiM programs at the most reasonable price. These programs furnish an exceptional education at a reasonable cost, ensuring an exceptional return on your investment. 

In summation, the Master in Management journey propels you toward a thriving career. Whether you’re drawn to finance, marketing, consulting, or beyond, MiM fortifies you with skills, knowledge, and networks to excel. 

Top universities in the USA have now launched their MiM programs, check out this list of Top MiM programs in the USA to know more!

What do they actually teach in MiM?