MSBA is a four-letter initialism standing for: Master of Science in Business Analytics. Master of Science in Business Administration is dual degree option which enables students to combine the MS program with the MBA program. See Master of Science or Master of Business Administration.


  • Masters of Business Analytics dive into the world of big data, artificial intelligence, and data analytics. 
  • On MIT Sloan’s Master of Business Analytics (MBAn), students study modules like Analytics Edge and Optimization Methods. They also take an action learning seminar on analytics, machine learning, and the digital economy. 
  • There’s an Ethics & Data Privacy module, and electives offer the choice to study Analytics of Finance, Product Management, and Applied Machine Learning. 
  • Students also work on real-life data science problems with industry practitioners in the degree’s capstone project. 
  • The seven-month project sees students work in teams of two around the US and abroad. After working on campus at MIT on the projects, students then travel to their host organization in the summer for a full-time summer internship.
  • Students study a similar syllabus on Carnegie Mellon’s Tepper School of Business Online Master of Science in Business Analytics. 
  • They take classes in machine learning, programming in R and Python, and corporate communication. They also study traditional business modules in marketing, operations, accounting, finance, and people analytics. 

Is MSBA the right course for you?

  • A Master of Science in Business Analytics gives you the skills to apply modern data science and machine learning capabilities at work to solve real-world business problems. 
  • The degree is for working professionals or recent graduates who want to launch, or accelerate, their career in a business analytics role. That could be in sectors like digital, retail, healthcare, finance, logistics, or supply chain. 
  • A Master of Data Analytics is more focused on data science and less on the business side, although the terms are often used interchangeably.
  • Ultimately, business analysts use the data they analyze to make practical, data-driven decisions and to implement change, whereas data analysts focus mostly on the uncovering of data trends and insights.

What are the typical jobs after MSBA?

What can you do with a Master in Business Analytics? The types of jobs you can get with an MS in Business Analytics include:

  • Data Scientist
  • Analytics Associate
  • Data Science Consultant
  • Operations Analyst
  • Product Analyst
  • Business Consultant
  • Quantitative Analyst

Companies that hire Master of Business Analytics grads include: 

  • Amazon
  • Apple
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Boston Consulting Group
  • McKinsey 
  • Uber
  • Walmart
  • PayPal

There are high employment numbers for business analytics degree grads. One hundred percent of job-seeking grads from MIT’s MBAn landed jobs within six months of graduating. One hundred percent of accepted offers were in data science functions. At Imperial College Business School in London, 94 percent of MSc Business Analytics grads were employed three months after their degree. 

The skills you gain from the degree mean you can enter a wide array of industries. Consulting teams at McKinsey, Bain, and BCG (MBB) now consist of not just management experts, but also leaders in data analysis and big data. The ability to work in technically diverse teams is one of the key things MBB consulting firms look for in their business school hires.

The pandemic-induced demand for healthcare has seen the industry digitize and develop technologically. As companies compete for the gaps in the market this has left, they’ll be looking for employees with the latest data and analytical competencies.  

The same demand is seen in finance, as the big banks battle to adapt and compete with agile fintech firms looking to dominate the industry.

Pros of MSBA

1. Rising Demand

According to a 2019 study conducted to gauge the skills and demand in industry, 53% of engineering companies fear a shortage of engineers will hurt their business.

2. Opportunities for career advancement

Engineers working in chemical or aerospace engineering can become Engineering leaders by following the logical path. Engineers are often bound with complex projects that can take longer to complete and become monotonous, which reduces their creativity and enjoyment.

3. Keep up with technology

A variety of nontechnical skills and experiences are essential to show senior management individuals you are capable of managing others. 

In recent years, technological advances such as artificial intelligence and machine learning have enabled equipment to operate more efficiently. In the engineering sector, employers seek highly effective leaders capable of responding positively to disruptions and managing changes to impact the business significantly.

Cons of MSBA

Management itself is hard because humans aren’t evolved for management. There are several basic management behaviors that humans don’t naturally do. Here are some of them:

  • Relating to people in an ego-less collaborative manner.
  • Making decisions out of logic or data.
  • Blending logic and data with intuition.
  • Criticizing people only in private.
  • Criticizing people at all.
  • Firing underperformers.
  • Favoring people for objective performance rather than friendship/familiarity.
  • Integrating unpopular criticisms into a balanced worldview.

Top MSBA Programs of the World

MSBA Ranking 2023 University Name Location
MIT Sloan School of Management
Cambridge , MA
UCLA (Anderson)
Los Angeles, United States
Ecole Polytechnique/ HEC Paris
Palaiseau, France
ESSEC Business School
Paris, France
Imperial College Business School
London, United Kingdom
ESCP Paris Campus
Paris, France
IE School of Science and Technology
Madrid Spain
The University of Texas at Austin - McCombs
Austin (TX), United States
Marshall School of Business
Los Angeles, United States
McGill- Desautels Faculty of Management
Montreal, Canada

How Much Does It Cost to Study MSBA?

More than 3,00,000 international students choose Germany as their study abroad destination and nearly 132,726 of them enrol in a master’s degree. Studying MS in Engineering Management in Germany is a life-changing event for international students. Germany not only provides quality education but also ensures student safety, job prospects, campus diversity and research opportunities. 

Here are some of top jobs you can get after graduating.

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